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Friday, July 2, 2010

We are ALIVE!!!

We are all alive and breathing. I am such a slacker on posting I just realized that it has almost been an entire year since I last posted. A ton has happened and I mean a TON. So here are the random happenings since our last post and by no means are these sane thoughts that are in order so just bear with me. Haylie turned 3 in Feb. and I wish with all my might that the terrible two would go away, but apparently we have hit the terrible three's. yippee. Bryan turned 1 in Jan. Yes he is still alive and we made it through his first year. Barely. He has been to the doctor almost every month for some sort of problem or another, from ear infections to our latest doctor visit for strep throat. Another yippee. Although we are very blessed that the kids have such great insurance. We purchased a season pass to the zoo, which we are very excited about. With Darren in school and working full-time we have become major hermits, so if we haven't called or talked to anyone it is not because we don't want to it is just lack of oomp to do so. A HUGE SORRY! to anyone we might have offended. Hence it is a Friday night and my birthday and what am I doing? I am writing on my blog. We are so LAME!!!
A Major event that took place for mi familia is Haylie and Bryan spent a week with Grandma and Grandpa Melser while Darren and I went to The Big Apple. I am pretty sure my parents are still trying to recover from my very, very, very emotional kiddos. But we love them VERY Much for doing so. The trip itself was very fun I will have to see if I can find my camera and load some pictures. (tiny side note our camera totally broke in New York half way through the trip. And I believe that qualifies for another yippee.)
Darren and I went to see Eclipse on Tuesday at the midnight showing (thanks again Kyrsta) and it was by far my favorite movie out of the three. I love the comedy that was placed throughout the script.
Totally changing subject here but Haylie is developing this little attitude and last night we were talking and she informed me in a very bossy voice that I am no longer married to Daddy because she is married to Daddy. That little girl makes me laugh. Well I am being informed by the three year old that it is bed time so farewell until next time which is hopefully sooner then the last time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Queasy Stomachs BEWARE

Darren had a little accident this weekend with a dresser and a bed of a truck. He was helping Kelly and Sterling move-in this weekend and when they were unloading the dresser he slipped and his pinky finger got caught in between the dresser and the bed of the truck. Sterling and him had it bandaged when he came into the house but I insisted he went to the ER. While in the ER he took a few picturs for me so I could share them with all of you.Blood lots of blood
That white stuff in the middle is his fat, in case you were wondering

8 Stitches is what it took to sew him up.
A little funny side note is now he is very proper when he drinks, pinky up

Friday, June 19, 2009

You just can't leave me alone

Whose hair could that possibly be?It's Bryan's. Here is his before. and here is the after. I admit that I cut it too short, but his hair grows pretty fast.

I really like it though. His hair is alot lighter than I thought. What a handsome little man.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brian Regan

Seriously one of the funniest Comedians out there. Darren and I saw Brian Regan on Saturday it was pretty awesome. I would have to say his brother was as good if not better. If you would like to hear his brother his name is Dennis Regan. It was nice to have a night out without children. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Big Bryan and Liz.

Embarrassing things I say

Embarrassing might be an understatement. But I will admit it was pretty funny. I was telling Haylie goodbye because Big Bryan and Liz were Babysitting our little rugrats so we could go to BRIAN REGAN. Well Haylie didn't want us to go so I thought of the first toy that came to mind and said "Haylie go play with Davin's balls". Open mouth insert foot. I am such a dork.

All About Bryan

I usually post about Haylie so I decided to do a post only about Bryan. Look at that little ham, he is such a happy little boy.Not so much a good smile but he does look a wee bit wasted. hehe
Here we are on the couch, can you tell he is more interested in the T.V.
Aunt Heather has him here and guess what he is still interested in more than the camera
I think we tuckered him out. It doesn't take much I wished that was the way with another child of mine.

Okay so I am lame but all the pictures are of Bryan.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am sticking with weight loss and have lost 3.5 lbs. in a week. That is almost twice of what I originally wanted to lose in a week, so YAHOO!!! I can do this. I have been watching my calorie intake better and also making sure I exercise everyday either strength or cardio. Just one day at a time. Wish me luck.